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Why Novo Altum?

Our coaching culture instills confidence in making tough decisions; We encourage taking risks and believe in innovative thinking.

What makes us different?

Our advisors don’t follow the formulaic approach favoured by many of our competitors. We work under a ‘critical friend philosophy’ which means that we take a no-nonsense approach to truly understanding your specific role, responsibilities, and business objectives.

Our unique coaching culture means you and your team will gain and progress the mastery and competencies you need to manage change efficiently and transparently. We make a commitment to immerse ourselves in your organisation, to always add value, and to help you view all aspects of your business through a different lens.

We help Finance respond to today’s challenges; aligning it to the business to assure its key role in supporting growth and increasing shareholder value. From robust enterprise performance management, to talent and leadership development, from tactical delivery of effective outsourcing, to shared services and risk management programmes, we collaborate with you to design a programme that fits your needs.



Understanding your needs

With 15 + years of experience, our consultants first provide an objective analysis to truly understand and gain in-depth intelligence of your needs and goals.


Exposing your challenges

We use our in-depth analysis of your needs to expose your true challenges and define what performance and real success look like for your organisation.


Delivering programmes

After we come to truly understand your needs and have a clear definition of your success, we then work alongside you to build these pragmatic, benefits-driven programmes.

Our Team & Experience

Every Novo Altum advisor is a specialist in their field, with over fifteen years of proven industry experience working for major consulting firms and the ‘Big Four’.

Through our non-formulaic approach, our team helps you tackle the often contradictory demands of globalisation, regulatory and legal change, cost-cutting, and the ever-increasing expectations of shareholders.

Novo Altum Company Statistics

Our advisors, having pioneered finance programmes for the world’s top companies, have the precise subject knowledge and complex change management expertise to help you propel your organisation to success.

As an organisation that promotes diversity, we encourage people from all over the world and from different backgrounds to join our team, bringing fresh perspectives and creative thinking to the projects we undertake.

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