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Working with us

We value our people, they are the key to our success and are as important to us as our clients.

Working with us means working in a fun, yet challenging environment, where your ideas and contributions are recognised and rewarded. We have a strong coaching culture, and believe in investing in our people to help them grow and unlock their true potential.

Our work mantra is work hard, play harder. Client work is our priority, but that doesn't mean we can’t have fun along the way.


What we look for

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. As we grow and evolve, our values remain constant and will continue to be the bedrock of our business.

We are committed to finding and retaining the most talented and experienced individuals to serve our clients and to developing their knowledge and capabilities.


We believe in the strength of our team. We encourage our people to challenge themselves and have conviction in their ability to address difficult situations.


We are looking for those experts, those Ninja’s in their area of knowledge, who recognise that continual development and striving to be even better is part of their DNA. Our people share this knowledge with others as part of a collaboration towards achieving our firm’s business goals.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We look for people with entrepreneurial flair, who strive to create value and who recognise the importance of profitability. We seek those who embrace innovation and creativity but can apply them commercially.


We never underestimate the power and importance of our teams, nor forget to understand and build on our team mates’ desires to learn and develop. We aim to develop and retain a tangible team spirit by working together towards our common goals.

Integrity & Respect

We look for those who are direct and honest in their interactions, who honour their commitments and openly share knowledge with their team. We value individuals who are mindful and who recognise and appreciate diversity. Our people are respectful of others’ time and expertise, and will always consider alternative points of view.


We value individuals who take pride in all aspects of their work and who are able to work intelligently. We want our team to be proactive, inspired and driven.

Culture & Diversity

We embrace individuality and encourage our people be true to who they are.

Our promise is, and will always be, to attract, develop and retain the absolute best - no matter your race, nationality, age, sex, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

We rely on our team’s diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to nurture and encourage greatness.

The creativity, innovation and open-mindedness our people possess is our biggest strength. It helps us deliver the demands of our global client base, and fosters a safe, enjoyable environment to work and play.


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Join our growing team

Push boundaries, challenge the status quo, make an impact and have fun. Together we will shake-up the management consulting industry and redefine the marketplace.


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