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Business Partnering

Building the competencies, tools and processes to enable Finance to become true innovators in supporting business strategy, planning and decision making.

The success of any business is determined by the quality of its leaders, their decisions and their ability to execute them. As companies compete globally for resources, markets and customers, the ability of the CFO and Finance to support the management team, as business partners, becomes integral to creating competitive advantage and sustainable shareholder value.

All too often, Finance focuses on reporting on the past, rather than influencing the future. CFOs must develop their role as business partner to compliment the analytical and numeric skills they already have.  Finance needs to innovate and act as a business integrator and broker of dialogue across the value chain.  In doing so, it can have make a significant impact when strategic and structural decisions are being made.

We can help to boost your ability as a business partner, enabling you to add value outside the traditional CFO space in areas such as strategy development and evaluation, critical decision making and leadership.
  • Define the critical area where business partnering can impact performance
  • Define the competencies required and train and develop key staff
  • Build more appropriate processes for: performance management, budgeting and planning
  • Define and produce the information needed to support complex decisions, monitor performance and ensure accountability
  • Establish the role of Finance Business Partner with key stakeholders
  • Align systems, processes and reporting with the requirements of effective performance management and decision support


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