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M&A Advisory

Conducting strategic assessments to define the strategy for integration, identifying the current “best of breed” and leading practices, program and project management, reputational & change management, creating competency models and service management frameworks.

While 80% of merging companies say they want more sales from their deals, in most cases they become so focused on integration and cost cutting that they take their eyes off their customers, and revenue growth actually declines.

Studies continue to highlight that in excess of 50% of M&A programmes fail, and do so for a myriad of reasons; from the lack of focus on shareholder value in the initial PMI objectives, through lack of detailed planning and poor adherence to timescales to a limited focus on resources and transitional requirements, and insufficient attention to interdependencies across the complete PMI programme. The list goes on.

Helping the combined organisation to navigate that critical integration journey, Novo Altum brings the expert consultants and tools together to assure a singular focus on reducing complexity; delivering an effective program of standardisation and simplification, and creating the unifying set of values and behaviours that will assure success.

Our market leading capabilities include:

  • Strategic assessments to define the strategy for integration.
  • Opportunity / feasibility assessments to create “best of breed” and leading practices.
  • Programme and project management, including benefits realisation and transition management.
  • Reputational & change management and communication skills.
  • Standardising, simplifying and sharing core financial and business processes.
  • Building a common set of values and behaviours to create a unifying culture.
  • Creation of competency models and role descriptions.
  • Service management frameworks (SLA and OLA).
  • Performance and diagnostic assessments.
Trust between parties enables honest, two-way communication. We help you to build that trust through engagement with staff affected and other stakeholder groups to explain the purpose of decisions.
  • 100 Day Planning and Execution
  • Accelerated Solutions Workshops (ASW)
  • Cultural Evaluation, Alignment and Integration
  • Change Management and Communication
  • Investment Realisation
  • Integration Strategy
  • Legal Entity Rationalisation
  • Optimisation Assessments
  • Performance and Diagnostic Assessments
  • Pre-deal Evaluation and Due Diligence
  • Programme & Project Management, including; Benefits Tracking, Reporting Realization and Transition Management)
  • Target Operating Model (TOM) Unification©
  • Transfer of Undertakings
  • Selection of Growth Method
  • Strategy For Integration
  • Restructuring and Divestment
  • Reputational Risk Management
  • Standardisation, Simplification and Sharing Core Financial and Business Processes
  • Target Identification


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