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About Us

Trusted by CFOs & CROs throughout the FTSE 250, we are our clients’ closest allies during periods of unprecedented change.

Novo Altum is the award-winning finance & risk management advisory firm built on real insight.

We are specialists in the CFO & CRO agenda and provide a complete range of services to the C-Suite. We have earned a reputation for solving complex problems, for working in true partnership with our clients, and for delivering results-based solutions.

Our approach relies on our team’s diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to nurture and encourage greatness, and we believe that the creativity, innovation, and open-mindedness our people possess is our biggest strength.

We never compromise our integrity or values, and we only ever become involved in projects where we can define the value of the outcome. We work side-by-side with our clients to align the finance function with the business, assuring its key role in supporting growth in light of a fast-paced and rapidly changing digital and global economy.

At the heart of our business is our commitment to making a lasting positive impact, both for our clients’ organisations, and in the wider community through the Novo Altum charitable foundation.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. As we and the world around us grows and evolves, our values remain constant. Learn about the philosophy and values that drive our success and continue to be the bedrock of our business.


With deep subject knowledge, extensive practical management expertise and commitment to continuous professional development, clients are assured that our advisors are the best in their field.


Our clients face challenging choices and with our support they can be certain of making the right decisions. We have the confidence borne by knowledge and experience to deliver incisive advice reinforced by rigorous prior appraisal.


With the best brains in the business and a culture of exacting standards and continuous improvement, we deliver insightful and sustainable management solutions. The quality of our work is evident in the positive and lasting impact experienced by our clients.


We collaborate with our clients in the pursuit of one shared goal; their success. We consider ourselves part of the team and are fully invested in achieving the best results.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The ability to recognise opportunity, realise bright ideas and act decisively at the right time gives our advisors the edge in helping our clients to optimise their business strategy.

Integrity & Respect

Our clients’ interests are paramount and we guarantee honest, impartial advice. We treat our clients with respect and strive to create an atmosphere of trust in which collaboration and success can thrive.