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We're hiring!

Graduate Programme

Helping you transition from university life to the working world.

Graduate Programme

Novo Altum is a fantastic place to start your career journey.

Regardless of discipline, we’re looking for highly skilled and enthusiastic graduates to join our community.

We support you in the transition from university life to the working world. We offer real-world experience in all areas of the business, and under the guidance of our team of experts we work with you to find your place within the company.


Unique Coaching Culture


We’re unique in our approach to graduates – we want to work with you, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

We continuously coach you to make sure that you’re happy and confident in what you’re doing. Our specialists will share their knowledge across every department, helping you to progress and develop. We ensure that you are supported as well as challenged, so that you can discover the career path that’s right for you.

The great thing about our graduate scheme is that it’s flexible - typically, the programme will last for a year but the important thing is that you get to where you want to be – if it takes more or less time, that’s fine by us.

We want to you to work with us to achieve your goals, as well as work towards ours.

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The programme offers opportunities in all departments, and graduates will come to understand how each department contributes to the business as a whole. Throughout this programme you will not only play a part in the smooth running of the business, but you will also gain responsibility and specific expertise, adjusting to the corporate environment with our support.

Finance & Accounting


You’ll then get real insight into accounting and bookkeeping in our Finance department. Whilst gaining practical experience helping the team with invoicing, month-end and year-end, you will also simultaneously learn about accounting principles from skilled experts.

Human Relations & Talent


In the Talent department, you’ll help to recruit highly-skilled employees as well as discover how these individuals are welcomed into the business. You’ll work with software to see how contracts are created, employees are looked after and some important aspects of internal HR, learning about the different roles within this important aspect of the business.

Marketing & PR


In the Marketing department you’ll gain insight into what it takes to maintain a website, attract new business and create campaigns. Our experienced team will help you develop your skills and understand the opportunities available within this creative discipline.

Consulting & Advisory


In Advisory & Consulting, you will gain direct experience of the client-facing side of the business. At Novo Altum we are represented by the expertise of our advisors and by working alongside these individuals, you will see first-hand how our services are administered. We work all over the world for various clients, so this is a great opportunity to understand what we do, and how we do it.

Information Technology


Working with IT, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand how the organisation works and how specific software systems are used to manage the business, its employees and clients. This is a great opportunity to build skills working in an office environment and further your knowledge of the architecture of the business.

Business Development


Experience with our Sales team will increase your understanding of business development. You will work with different applications, people and software to help with pre-sales and research, as well as understand how we maintain relationships with existing clients. Our expert salespeople will share knowledge about attracting new business and the scope for professional development in this area.

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