St. Paddy’s Day Office Dress Up…FAIL!

The Isle of Man office attempted to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

Novo Altum Isle of Man Office St. Patrick's Day Dress Up 2016

Tim ‘forgot’ to wear green.

Kirsty was a no show – the thought of wearing green made her sick.

Brian was wearing his ‘green’ suit (which is really grey). He did manage to wear green socks which he found on the Island – so we’ll give him props for that.

Alex wore green, but hid in his office all day. Green is not his colour.

Katie almost got it right – she wore Khaki which was much closer than Brian’s interpretation. Her delicious green cupcakes more than made up for it!

Darci was on point – and certainly knows how to please a crowd. Her Baileys cheesecake was demolished.

Karin got the memo to wear green, but conveniently forgot to bake. Aussie Tim Tams came to the rescue.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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